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What to do if Your Phone Overheats and Won't Turn On?

What to do if Your Phone Overheats and Won't Turn On?

Everyone uses smartphones most of the time, which is why the device overheats and won’t turn on. This alarming issue might permanently damage the phone, making restoration difficult. However, there are certain things that you can do to save your device from getting damaged by overheating.

6 Reasons Why Your Phone Overheats?

Phone users often start making repairs and following tips without knowing the reason for the issue. This can be dangerous, as the wrong step might permanently damage your device. So, here are the phone overheating reasons you must know, along with types of phone damages.      

1. Your Device is Directly in the Sunlight

Sometimes, people unintentionally leave their phones in the sun, one of the biggest causes of overheating. This might heat your device and damage the internal components. It can also drain the battery and lead to the phone malfunctioning, which causes the phone to not power on after overheating.

2. Multiple Apps Open Simultaneously

Keeping multiple apps open simultaneously will overload the CPU, causing the phone to heat up internally. This also strains the RAM, thus generating more heat. Phone users keep the apps on because they don’t want to waste time closing and reopening them.

3. Using Power-Draining Apps

You might have installed some heavy and power-draining apps that use most of your battery and cause strain on the device. These apps generate heat, including GPRS, video streaming, augmented reality, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

4. A Faulty Charging Cable and Battery

Sometimes, your phone overheats and won't turn on when charging. A problem with the battery or a faulty charger can cause this. A damaged charger will interrupt the charging process and cause the phone to overheat.

5. Playing Games and Watching Videos for Too Long

When used extensively, all types of electronic devices will overheat. The intensity might increase if battery-consuming activities are performed, such as playing high-graphic games and watching high-resolution videos.

6. Virus and Malware Presence

Viruses and malware infections can be present in fake apps and infected links. They can seize control of your device and generate heat. Also, malware and viruses will run background apps, overheat the device, and consume battery, RAM, and CPU.

7 Tips To Protect Your Phone Overheating

1. Turn Your Device Off

If your phone overheats but does not cool down despite not being used, the immediate action is to turn off your device. You should keep the device turned off for at least 5 minutes, which will allow it to cool down.

2. Try to Use the Phone Less

Reducing your phone usage is another way to fix the phone overheating issue. This will reduce the strain on the CPU and RAM. If your job requires you to spend most of your time on your phone, create schedules and take breaks during usage.

3. Clear Away the Cache and Junk Files

A cache is a software or hardware used to store temporary files. Sometimes, these files remain unused and consume space, which can also cause overheating. You can use built-in or third-party apps to clear these junk files and cache.

4. Keep the Screen Brightness to the Minimum

If you habitually keep your screen brightness at maximum, it can stress the CPU, RAM, and hardware and overheat the device. Try to keep the screen brightness comfortable to fix your phone when it overheats and won't turn on.

5. Close Apps You Are Not Using

Another way to prevent your phone from overheating is to keep the apps that are not in use closed. This will lessen the strain on the CPU, RAM, and battery.

6. Hire Repair Experts for Help

Sometimes, the tips mentioned above might not solve the issue, so it's vital to take your device to repair shops like Your Phone Guy LLC for proper diagnosis and fixing.

7. Keep Your Phone and Apps Updated

Regularly update your phone's operating system and apps to ensure they run the latest versions. Updates often include bug fixes that can improve device efficiency and reduce overheating.


Knowing what to do if your phone overheats and won't turn on requires a two-step solution. The first step is to learn about the reasons for overheating. The second step is to know what troubleshooting tips you can use to avoid the issue. If problems persist, consider seeking assistance from phone repair services.      

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix an overheated phone that won't turn on?

To fix your phone's overheating and inability to turn on, let it cool down and try a different charging cable. You should also perform a soft reset by holding the power button or seek professional help.

Can your phone stop working if it overheats?

Excessive heat can cause a phone to shut down or become unresponsive. In extreme cases, prolonged overheating may also lead to hardware issues or permanent damage.

How do I cool down my phone?

To cool down your phone, remove it from direct sunlight and heat and turn it off if possible. You must close unused apps and avoid using power-intensive functions like gaming or streaming